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Years in Business 16 years, since 1999
Global Rank #367 [ 170.85 points ]
Uptime Rank #867 [ 99.994% ]
Popularity Rank #746 [ 1454 results ]
Positive Ratings 97% [ 242 votes ]
Negative Ratings 3% [ 8 votes ]
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Name Type Space Traffic Price
Economy Linux 250 MB 10 GB $9.95
Budget Linux 500 MB 40 GB $19.95
Commerce Linux 750 MB 50 GB $29.95
Professional Linux 1000 MB 75 GB $39.95
Reseller Reseller 2000 MB 75 GB $49.95
We have asked Domainmasters support Top10 common questions.
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And here was Richard Williams from domainmasters.net staff reply:
1. Company
We have been in business since 1995. We started off as a reseller for a company that is no longer in business. About a year later we became a full service hosting provider. We are also a family run business. We host many high profile web sites, such as movie producers, musicians, charity's, Institutes, Movie Actors and Broadway performers, and many others. Our servers are well known for their performance as well as our huge pipelines to the major Internet backbones, so we get a lot of multimedia on our servers.
2. Money Back
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for any reason or even no reason. Just tell us you want to cancel inside of 30 days or less and you will get a full refund except for any new domain name registrations or renewals since that is a product that is actually owned by you. We also offer full 100% uptime guarantee on all your domains. Any down-time will be credited a full month of hosting fees on the domain in question.
3. Support
Down time is any time the server is not online for any reason other than scheduled maintenance or some sort of disaster beyond our control. All scheduled maintenance times are between the hours of 2:00 am and 5:00 am EST. The last time our servers were down, an entire 10 block area in the city of Baltimore was shut down due to an underground fire in a city owned service conduit. We weren't even allowed to fire up the generators in fear of back feed into the power grid. This is one of those cases where the situation was out of our control and the uptime guarantee was not in effect. We had the means to keep the data center online but by law were not permitted. Over the last 5 years our servers have only been down one time and that was from the fire I mentioned previously. Since then it has been 100%.
4. Discounts and Special Offers
We offer support by e-mail, by online form mail via your hosting Control Panel, telephone not 1-800 though, and live chat via the Control Panel or our Web site. E-mail support requests are usually handled within a couple of hours if not an emergency. Emergency requests are handled right away.
5. Uptime
We do not offer discounts on annual hosting accounts because we feel our services are already discounted compared to the actual value of the hosting packages offered. We charge $15.00 a year for new and renewed domain names. I'm not sure what you mean by Bonus features.
6. Multiple Domains
You can host as many domains as you like under one account whether you are a reseller or not. Of course resellers get 50% off all our hosting packages. All domains get their own resources including a permanent static IP address.
7. About Reseller Plans
Our resellers can setup as many domains as they want to. We have resellers that have close to 100 domains under their accounts. Our resellers get free name servers with their reseller hosting package and nameservers are also available as an add on package to anyone that wants their own name servers.
8. Email and Limitations
As far as e-mail addresses go, most of our hosting packages come with an significant amount of e-mail addresses but if you need more they can always be added. As for any of our add on packages or even upgrading your hosting package, it can all be done from the Control Panel. Some add ons and most hosting package upgrades have a small setup or upgrade fee.
9. Upgrades
10. Why Sould I Signup?
We are well experienced at what we do, have been here for a long time and will be here even longer. We have excellent client retention and if anyone does decide to try another host for whatever reason most end up coming back to us. Our software that comes with our hosting packages is second to none and we are always adding more value to our hosting accounts. Our servers are the most secure in the entire industry and have never been hacked. We have never raised our prices either.
Jimmy Rated  
We have used DomainMasters.NET Web Hosting for over 15 years and we are very happy with their services and have never had a problem with anything. But when we have a question of any kind they always have an answer and are ready to help if we need them to. I'll be using them for my new websites for sure!
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